"We create dynamic opportunities that give you unique possibilities for your clients."



Our Brand Promise encapsulates what we are about and is your guarantee that we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients:

"We commit to offering and delivering only products and services that will add value to our client's bottom line"

When you work with anyone in our team we will show a genuine interest in your business. We will listen to you carefully, make sure we understand your needs, and then work diligently to deliver products and services to meet those needs in a manner that suits you: your timetable; your budget; your constraints; your value definitions.

The EMDA culture is what differentiates us from our competitors.


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The most rewarding aspect of this business is seeing our clients get quantifiable value from the tools we have helped them implement. Our team will work closely with you with that goal in mind, and we will not be happy unless we are truly adding value to your business.



One Team

Team work is essential to the success of business software implementation. Our team approach ensures that within EMDA we back each other, and in our relationships with clients we become part of your team.

Fair Negotiations

We know in business that things don't always go according to plan. When it looks as though the wheels might start falling apart we will get around the table with any of our stakeholders with the attitude that everyone has their perspective. We know that with the right attitude an equitable solution is always possible.

Honour our People

Each member of our team has a choice. We are honoured that EMDA staff choose to work with each other, within our company and with our most valuable asset: our clients. We afford our team the respect that choice deserves.

Grow the brand with pride

When you engage with our team you will notice a sense of pride in working for a company that upholds strong values. Our entire team has a sense of pride in what they do, especially contributing to the success and growth of our clients.

A commitment is a commitment

This is the value that gives our clients the confidence that we will complete the task that we have committed to without wavering. We take commitment very seriously.

Be good company and keep good company

People do business with people with whom they have good relationships. We work hard to get to know our clients at multiple levels so that when it comes to the grindstone, we are working together because we want to work for each other. It becomes a matter of trust and if we enjoy each other's company we will trust each other.


Providing solutions (buy)

Working together to help you meet your challenges

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Systems set up (implement)

Implementing strong software solutions and training for your business

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Dedicated support (support)

Add value to your business, through technology, investment, delivery and support.

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Our Awards

EMDA is immensely proud of our achievements as an Infor Channel Partner. We won the Infor Pacific Channel Partner of the year award eight years running from 2010 to 2018. In 2012 we won the "Top APAC Performer" award. Between 2013 and 2015 we were the top revenue earner for Infor in our category - Manufacturing and Distribution. We are very grateful to our clients for showing the confidence to invest in EMDA. We will continue to seek out excellence in everything we do.

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We are very pleased to contribute the wellbeing of the people in our community. Included in our sponsorships are:
The Salvation Army
Foundation for the Blind
Canterbury Rugby Back of Jersey
Crusaders Rugby

We are proud supporters of: